Nau mai haere mai ki te Kura Tuatahi o Whakatu

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Nelson Central School - you will find us in Nile Street to the east of Nelson Cathedral. We are ‘home’ to 450 enthusiastic children aged 5 to 11 years. A mixture of old and new buildings are complemented by several beautiful, mature trees. We are fortunate that our school grounds feature two large playing fields and two adventure playgrounds. While being highly regarded by our community we do our best to achieve constant and never ending improvement. For further information, please contact the school office.

Heoi ano

Dr Paul Potaka


Principal's Message

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa te whanau whanui o te Kura Tuatahi o Whakatu – greetings to friends and family of Nelson Central School.

Newsletter this week (25th March)

Unfortunately due to some unforeseen problems with our school network, our paper newsletters will be out a day late this week, on Thursday 26th. Those of you receiving it electronically should already have it or you can also read it here.

Purple Cake Day

Many thanks to everyone who supported Purple Cake Day on Friday; the sea of purple was a sight to behold! Children are certainly learning about the concept of 'giving' to those less fortunate than they.

Enrolment Scheme

This is a short note to inform the school community of a proposal to establish an enrolment scheme for Nelson Central School. An enrolment scheme is a means of limiting the school roll to prevent overcrowding or the likelihood of overcrowding at a school, and enabling the Ministry of Education to make best use of the accommodation at schools in the surrounding area.

Each enrolment scheme must contain a home zone with clearly defined boundaries. Students who live in the home zone have an absolute right to enrol at the school. Out of zone students who apply for enrolment at the school must be accepted in the following order of priority:

a. students accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school;
b. brothers and sisters of current students;
c. brothers and sisters of former students;
d. children of former students;
e. children of board employees or children of board members;
f. all other students.

If there are more applicants in priority groups (b)-(e) than there are places available, selection within the priority group must be by ballot. Obviously there are many regulations with which the school must comply and we are working our way through that at present prior to consulting with our community and other schools that may be affected by our proposal.

Central Station Band

The results of the recent auditions will be announced at the end of this term.

Summit Club

Students from the Summit Club on their end of year ascent of Mt Arthur.

And from the students themselves …

On 12th December 53 brave children and 27 adults made a breath-taking attempt to do a stunning 3 hour walk to the summit of the big, tall and frosty Mount Arthur! (Ben)

The walk started fantastically and got more amazing and better as we climbed. We went through bush, tussock and rocky, steep, slippery rock and snow. The open air, drops and scenery were all amazing. (Lukas)

I dig my hands into the whiteness as a jolt of electric cold shivers up my body and I heave myself over the ledge to the top! (Riley)

"And dig your hands in." Dave said. "Abby, I'll be right behind you." "OK." I smiled, feeling very special. As soon as I stuck my hands into the snow, I wished I hadn't. It was stabbing my hands just like knife, plunging into my flesh again and again. "Are we almost there?" I shouted above the wind, "I'm in agony!!"
"Nearly," Dave replied. Finally!! I picked up a flat, hot rock and put it in the pile. "Smile!!" Dave shouted as the camera flashed. (Abby)

See, this summit club has given me opportunities to see things unlike any others in the world, see creatures of a unique sort and has let me realise why I'm so lucky to live in Nelson; thank you Nelson, thank you. (Will)

The cold fresh air blows past my face as I walk up the mountain with intense concentration because the rocky ruts are directly in my way up the gravelly track. (Kobi)

As I look up to see the people above me, I realise, I'm at the top of Mt Arthur! My feet burn as I take steps to the crowd of proud and tired people. When we had finished at the top, I stick my hands and feet in the snow and make my way down the mountain.
I love that mountain! (Payton)

Standing proudly with my friends, cameras flashing lights at us as we stare out at the amazing view; we are at the summit! (Izzie)

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